Pressed Wafer from the Beginning to Date

Pressed Wafer publishes poetry, fiction, essays, art books and postcards. We began at 9 Columbus Square in Boston, spent time 375 Parkside Avenue in Brooklyn, and now most things are done from 108 Beacon Street in Somerville, Mass.

In following our nose we have taken no straight line. Many of the books we publish have found us. This is not a solicitation. The books that find us have come because the writers, or their sponsors, have followed Pressed Wafer for sometime. Small presses exist to serve small communities and no one press can be expected to see into print all the writers or artists in need of publication.

Daniel Bouchard, Joseph Torra and William Corbett founded Pressed Wafer, named by Torra after a John Wieners book, as a magazine, then branched out into chapbooks and in 2003 began to publish books. Cris Mattison designed our early books and then, before he went to China, he introduced us to Michael Russem. Michael has made all the difference. His exceptional skills allow us to do one thing that in our view small presses must do—produce the best examples of bookmaking money allows.