Gerrit Lansing
A February Sheaf
Pages: 174
ISBN: 9780972108904
Publication Date: January 2003

Alas, this title is out-of-print

A February Sheaf put in one book a selection of Gerrit Lansing’s poems, essays and reviews most of which had appeared in hard-to-find books and little magazines. Patrick Doud assisted Lansing in making this selection.

Lansing was at Harvard with Frank O’Hara, John Ashbery, Kenward Elmslie, Kenneth Koch, Robert Creeley—a fabulous cast of superb American poets—but he remained, partly by choice, just off the radar. When a younger generation discovered him and his work they found it difficult to find his few books. A February Sheaf addressed their interest.

The painter Jane Freilicher, who had a blind date with Lansing in Manhattan in the 1950s, supplied the cover painting. Cris Mattison designed this book.