Fulvio Testa
A Memoria
Art & Memoir
Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-1-940396-03-3
Publication Date: April 2014

Available from SPD

Fulvio Testa is an illustrator of children’s books and, since 1980, an artist in watercolor and oils. Go to the web and you will find his images, links to his many books, a description of an airport flash mob and more.

A Memoria might best be described as an ars poetica in the form of a childhood memory that continues to illuminate Testa’s imagination. His friend, the poet and translator, W.S. Di Piero translated the text.

PW subscriber, the poet Michael O’Brien e-mails that he once heard Testa speak of working in watercolor as like white water rafting. A Memoria is the art of acting now.

See some of Fulivio’s work from A Memoria here.