William Corbett
Albert York
Pages: 94
ISBN: 9780982410059
Publication Date: July 2010

Alas, this title is out-of-print

Corbett’s essay on York is the only in-depth look at the beautiful work of this little known and much loved painter. York, who died in 2010, kept clear of the New York art world but enjoyed the passionate patronage of his lifelong dealer Roy Davis of New York’s Davis & Langdale gallery and a number of collectors who own a half dozen or more paintings from his small output. The paintings are small, a little larger than a piece of typing paper, and painted with a rare gleam. They discover an order, “design” was York’s word for it, in the world he thought of as a Garden of Eden. His day will come.

Cecily Langdale is at work on a catalog rasionné.

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