George Scialabba
For the Republic
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780983197591
Publication Date: May 2013

Available from SPD

George Scialabba has three Pressed Wafer titles, What Are Intellectuals Good For?The Modern Predicament and For The Republic. They contain essays most of which began as book reviews. As book reviews they were superior when published. As essays they are exceptional for their intelligence and clarity. George’s subjects are politics, religion and society. His subject is what people who are thinking ought to be paying attention to. The current cliché is that America has no public intellectuals. Every sentence George writes gives the lie to this bit of lazy journalese.

When George’s What Are Intellectuals Good For? appeared it was greeted by an NPR review that sang the book’s praises. Pressed Wafer was totally unprepared for the blizzard of orders that came from Amazon. We hustled out and purchased the George Scialabba Two Wheeler to cart the books to the Post Office!

Pressed Wafer began as a publisher of poetry. We are proud to publish, in the words of poet and subscriber Michael O’Brien, “One of the smartest and bravest observers of our perishing republic.” George Scialabba has a website and new essays and reviews continue to appear online and in print.

Cris Mattison designed What Are Intellectuals Good For? Cris loves French flaps so the book has them. Michael Russem designed both The Modern Predicament and For The Republic adapting images provided by George.