Guy Birchard
Further than the Blood
Pages: 102
ISBN: 9780982410080
Publication Date: November 2010

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Poet Guy Birchard provides this author’s note—Guy Birchard: Scholar of nothing. No degrees. No prizes. Neither profession, trade nor career. Anglo-Canadian.

Pressed Wafer became aware of Birchard and his work by Ric Caddel’s Pig Press of Newcastle, England long before there was a Pressed Wafer. Over twenty years later Pressed Wafer found Mr. Birchard selling whiskey in Canada and after publishing the chapbook Twenty Grand, the Wafer published Further than the Blood, a collected poems but not so named. Pressed Wafer exists to publish books like this.

Birchard chose the cover photograph of thirteen bullet heads, slugs, by Stuart Mueller, Lethbridge, Alberta. What a small press lacks in distribution it can make up for in design. Michael Russem employed this photograph to make a most beautiful book.

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