Trevor Winkfield & Miles Champion
How I Became a Painter
Pages: 112
ISBN: 978-1-940396-02-6
Publication Date: February 2014

Alas, this title is out-of-print

Trevor Winkfield tells the tale of his education and progress as a painter with all the drollery at his command. His interlocutor, the poet Miles Champion, is the perfect collaborator. How I Became A Painter is the best book by or about a painter published in 2014. Of course I have not read all the books by or about a painter published this year, but I am the publisher of Winkfield and Champion’s book and I know I am right. “I’ve just been hit by a thunderbolt . . .” begins Winkfield’s first answer to Champion. Zounds! And on almost every one of the 103 pages that follow there are illustrations, most of them in color.