Jess Mynes
One Anthem
Pages: 72
ISBN: 9781940396132
Publication Date: October 2015


One Anthem is the first full-length collection of Jess Mynes’s poetry. He lives and works in the village of Wendell, Massachusetts, where he ran a weekly reading series in a local bar for years. Mynes is editor of Fewer & Further Press.


clear as can be blue
limbs crane spider webs
oak sieged sky slight
leaf looped near to fall
goldenrod plume cloaks
gold crab spiders shadows’ comb
birds ravening cropped stumps sacrificed
birches knotted ink stitched striations

“The poems in Jess Mynes’s lovely, airy, color-flickering One Anthem emphasize sound as sung through the visual sense …”  —Anselm Berrigan

“As the poems proceed, Mynes links together—barely—tasty fragments to quadrophonic effect.” John Godfrey