Niko Courtelis
Philatelic Atrocities
Pages: 16
ISBN: 978-1-940396-06-4
Publication Date: August 2014

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Kat Ran Press loves postage stamps and so does Pressed Wafer. When the Wafer is asked to join the philatelic series Kat Ran publishes, we leap at the chance. Niko Courtelis’s book of collaged stamps Philatelic Atrocities is the latest co-publication by our stamp-loving presses.

Courtelis’s combines two or three small squares of paper achieving big effects. His heads remind us of the many postage stamps that depend on the authority of renowned individuals, presidents or kings and queens. If we cannot recognize the person in the upper right hand corner of the envelope we may wonder at how unstable the world of nations is, how ISIS, Scotland, Catalonia or Russia can suddenly form a country that will, we imagine, publish its own stamps.

You will be amused by the atrocities Courtelis has committed, but don’t think that he’s just kidding.

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