Jonathan Strong
Quit the Race
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-1-940396-25-5
Publication Date: February 2017

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Another Strong “quietly brilliant novel that brings ordinary people to life with extraordinary care.”
—Stephen McCauley

Quit the Race is the story of Joel, a musician and composer, and Sean, a social worker, whose long-term relationship is tested when they find themselves pulling in opposite directions as they enter the last chapter of their lives. Set in Strong’s home country of Chicago and rural Wisconsin, the novel is a love story after the love has been lived in and change is coming. Joel and Sean discover that they have different assumptions about domestic life. The intimacy Strong develops carries the reader into the heart of their struggle.

“Strong’s personal Human Comedy includes Midwesterners and East Coast intellectuals, opera singers and social workers, white suburbanites and immigrants from the West Indies. There are men and women, and all manner of sexual expression.”
—Stephen McCauley


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