Douglas Crase
The Astropastorals
Pages: 30
ISBN: 978-1-940-39628-6
Publication Date: June 2017

Paperback available from SPD

A 2017 Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year

These thirteen poems, collected in series for the first time, were recognized when published separately as unusual if not extreme in rhetoric. Written for the most part when the internet was accessed from stationary terminals and the atmospheric CO2 still below 360 ppm, it appears they were prescient as well. Individual poems have been selected for prominent anthologies, including the Oxford Book of American Poetry and KGB Bar Book of Poems. One, ‘True Solar Holiday,’ inspired the electro-acoustical composition ‘True Holiday,’ composed by the experimental, Berlin-based group The Magic I.D. and sung by Margareth Kammerer. Another, ‘Theme Park,’ was set as a broadside by James Walsh on the occasion of a joint reading with Susan Howe at the Center for Book Arts in New York City. The cover portrait of the author, which is said to look just like him, is by Trevor Winkfield.

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