Frank Kuenstler
The Enormous Chorus
Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-0-9831975-4-6
Publication Date: July 2011

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Poet Michael O’Brien began as a Pressed Wafer scholar and has become the author of two Pressed Wafer giveaways, PW’s conscience and an adviser without portfolio. As the latter he is responsible for Frank Kuenstler’s book on PW’s list.

The Enormous Chorus is a selected poems that O’Brien hopes readers will enjoy for “the associative processes that run these poems, their density of reference, the swiftness of their transitions.” In his blurb Jerome Rothenberg describes this book as “an event of the utmost importance toward the mapping of a true history of American poetry in the second half of the twentieth century.

Kuenstler’s dates are 1928–1996. In addition to writing poems he made films, which can be found online.

Michael Russem’s cover is his version of a chorus.

Michael O’Brien reads each Pressed Wafer book with a fine toothcomb and never hesitates to point out misprints or other errors. When he praises a Pressed Wafer book he is unstinting.