Richard Caddel
Uncertain Time
Pages: 100
ISBN: 9780983197553
Publication Date: September 2011

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Richard Caddel came to Pressed Wafer’s attention long before there was a Pressed Wafer. The poet Lee Harwood introduced me to Ric and his Pig Press in the early 1980s. Pig, which Ric and his wife Ann directed, served American poetry well in publishing small books by Robert Creeley, Lorine Niedecker, Carl Rakosi and August Kleinzahler. There was always ample reason to publish something of Ric’s but he died in 2003 and nothing got done until the poet Aaron Tieger came up with the idea of reprinting Uncertain Time.

Galloping Dog published Uncertain Time in 1990. To that edition this reprint adds an introduction by Aaron Tieger and a short biography. In the blurb on the book’s cover I wrote, “Here is a poet rare in his modesty and wit, who crafted by ear a music, in Ric’s words, ‘with scope to sing the things I love as they occur.’”