W.S. Di Piero
When Can I See You Again?
Art & Essay
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9780982410066
Publication Date: September 2010

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“To write essays is to respond to life with life, to counter-pressure life’s press. It’s always ad-hoc or on the wing, because the inner life keeps changing, troping along with whatever reality gives it to work with.” This is Di Piero’s credo, and he has been equal to it through nearly thirty years of writing on art, movies, poetry and in autobiographical essays. His prose is physical, his response to life is muscular and has bite. He is a first-rate poet who finds in the essay an elasticity of form that reaches for the intensity of poetry.

These essays on art originally appeared in the San Diego Reader.

Ben E. Watkins took the cover photograph and Cris Mattison designed this book. It has a French fold and is perhaps the best work Cris did for Pressed Wafer.

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